World Boerboel Breeders Association Complaints Procedure


WBBA relies on an effective, fair and unbiased complaints process.

Complaints must be made in writing to
WBBA will not respond to complaints that are made anonymously or by a third party.
Before making the complaint you must first try to make all attempts to resolve the problem with the member who you are complaining about, for example, discuss options of refund, partial refund or replacement etc.
If you unable to resolve the issue, the complaint must be in writing and contain:
  • The complainant’s name and contact details.
  • The name of the other person the complaint is being made about.
  • A factual description of the incident or alleged conduct.
  • The time and date of the incident or general time period for ongoing issues.
  • A factual description of your attempt at resolving the issue.
  • Be written in a manner that is simple, clear and describes the issues in plain English, is calm and reasonable.
  • Be supported by documentary evidence including proof that you have attempted to resolve the issue and, where the breeder(s)/seller(s) has refused, provide proof of the breeder(s)/seller(s) refusal.
  • Receipt/proof of purchase.
  • Where veterinary assistance has been required, provide a report from the veterinarian.
  • In the case of social media or other public forums, screen captures showing the full post or comments, picture etc.
  • The evidence should be directly related to and support the complaint and be unedited and in its original format.
  • The complaint must include a paragraph acknowledging that WBBA has permission to forward a copy of the complaint to the member providing any personal/financial details are removed.

On receipt of a complaint meeting all of the above requirements, WBBA will confirm that the breeder(s)/seller(s) is/are a current financial member(s).

The complaint will be forwarded to the breeder(s)/seller(s) for their response which must also meet the requirements listed above.

Once the breeder(s)/seller(s) have responded, WBBA will evaluate the merit of the complaint and either provide the response to you, to which you will then be allowed a single right to respond or make a request to you for clarification, if required, prior to forwarding the response.

Your response must aslo be clear, easy to read and show evidence of any claims or statements.

The response will not be considered if it contains information that is frivolous, malicious, ill-founded or which uses deliberately false or misleading information.

All complaints will be forwarded to the WBBA Quality Assurance Manager, who in turn will independently review and decide upon the outcome of the

An Appeal process is available if required.