World Boerboel Breeders Association Membership

Benefits of Membership to WBBA Include:

  • No appraisals required.
  • Free breeding dog registration for adult breeding dogs.
  • Free Litter registration.
  • Free online database with specific features for Members Only (See below).
  • Free online shows.
  • No politics.
  • Strong values and ethics.
  • Breeder support.
  • Affordable fees.
    • Membership US$50pa
    • Puppy Registration US$20pp
  • Online Forms.
  • Breeder Recognition Program for health testing.


All puppy buyers are given FREE lifetime membership to WBBA.

  • Free lifetime membership to WBBA.
  • A 5 generation official pedigree.
  • A 10 generation Family Tree.
  • Access to the database.
  • Access to FREE online shows.

WBBA provides members with access to a Free online database with many useful feature such as:

  • Trial Mating
  • Pedigree Analysis
  • Health Records
  • Breeder Page
  • Pedigrees
  • Litter
  • Breeders
  • Show Results
  • Calculate real time (up to) 10 generation inbreeding-coefficients and ancestor loss coefficients, and search for common ancestors.

Each dog registered is added to the database and you can add photos and other information to the record. The dog or puppies are also added to your Breeder page.

Links from the registry can be used in online posts, emails etc.

Non members can see dogs and use some features.

What do we require?

We expect members to be ethical and follow WBBA's Values Ethics and code of Conduct.

Members are vetted prior to acceptance to ensure they meet WBBAs Values and Ethics.

All breeding dogs must be DNA profiled for parentage, all registered laboratories accepted.

All breeding dogs must have a verifiable pedigree from a recognised Boerboel registry. Please email your dogs pedigree to if you are unsure. SABBS, AKC, Boerboel International, BAI, European Kennel Clubs and NABBA (by review) are recognised.

All non Boerboel registries are by review.

Ready to join?

Access our online application and we will review your request and get back to you.